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Straight/Reverse Tuck end.

Tuck end boxes are the classic retail packaging box. They are versatile, quick to assemble, and display very well. The boxes can be designed in a straight or reverse tuck carton style, are easily customized with die cut windows, inside product partitions and inserts, hanging tabs and child resistant locks.

And eye catching UV finishes that complement and enhance your printed packaging can be added for pennies. From high end retail packaging to simple printed boxes for industry, custom printed tuck boxes are the go-to general purpose product packaging box.


Snap lock bottom.

Also known as a crash lock box or crash lock bottom, this is a variation of the tuck top style product boxes. Crash lock refers to how the bottom of the box is assembled – the panels are folded together and interlock (or “crash”) to create the bottom of the box.

As with all tuck top boxes they are easily customized with hang tabs for easy display making them ideal retail product boxes, or when customized as kit boxes with inserts to hold vials, etc.


Auto Lock Bottom.

A tuck top auto lock bottom box, also known as an auto bottom carton, is a heavy duty folding carton box with an automatic locking bottom. Just squeeze and box pops into shape with bottom already locked closed.

As with all tuck top style boxes, the auto bottom box makes a great retail product box –they are easily customized to attract attention, and hang tabs can be added so products can be placed on a hook or clip strip for display anywhere.


Bookend Packaging.

An elegant box with a front cover that “tells a story.” A variation of the tuck end box, this box has a double thick, glued cover that opens like a book, and has a substantial look and feel. With front and inside covers fully printed, it’s a great custom packaging solution for products needing more of a shelf presence.


Seal End Packaging.

Designed to be filled and glued by side and top loading cartoning machines, most box styles can be configured as a seal end box. Critical carton folds are pre-broken for easy machine fulfillment.

Tamper-proof fold over glued enclosure panels keep product packaging securely sealed. Boxes can also be hand glued. Add pull tabs and die cut perforations for easy opening.


Hexagon Packaging.

A truly unique and elegant box, the hexagon shape is ideal for products that are round. If you’re looking for a custom printed box that stands out from the crowd, look at using custom hexagon boxes for your packaging.

The aesthetics, simple beauty and uniqueness of this custom folding carton box will definitely attract attention.


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