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Unique packaging that makes your brand STAND OUT.


Cannabis Packaging

Your product is natural, shouldn't your packaging be too?
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The eco-friendly box packaging solution for your vapes and accessories.

Vape Cartridge Packaging

Custom Vape Box Packaging For:

  • Pods & Cartridges

  • E-Liquids & Juices

  • Batteries

  • Kits

  • Pens & Vaporizers

  • Accessories

box_coop+cannabis_packaging (1).png

Primary packaging used for extracts is pretty plain.

box_coop+cannabis_packaging (2).png

Cannabis Concentrates

Secondary box packaging for your cannabis:

  • Tincture & Oils

  • Shatter & Wax

  • Diamonds

  • Dabs

  • Isolate

  • Sprays

  • Topicals - Salve, Lotion, Cream

  • Concentrates

  • Distillates


It's your secondary box packaging that attracts attention and sells your product.


Increasing Your Brand Is Key To Sales

Cannabis is one of those products where branding is critical. The cannabis arena is a crowded arena; somehow you need to stand out. Flashy product packaging will get you noticed, but it's the quality products that win the day. Use your packaging to imply the qualities you want your audience to perceive. Qualities such as luxury, premium, high-end, exclusive, opulent; all desirable qualities easily implied through your packaging. It's a way to separate you from the field while building a quality brand. And being a recognized brand is a powerful sales tool

Just look at Apple's product packaging: simple, clean, elegant, and instantly recognizable.

Find out how to ELEVATE your packaging

Pre-Roll Packaging

Custom pre-roll packaging for:

  • Blunts

  • Cones

  • Joints

A tray and sleeve to hold multiple pre-rolls, a tuck end box displaying the bag of flower with stand-out finishes. Packaging is a cost-effective marketing tool to promote your brand and increase sales.

box_coop+cannabis_packaging (6).png

Get your product in FRONT of customers...

box_coop+cannabis_packaging (5).png
Gravity Feed Dispensers

Point of Purchase Displays

POP's are a great way to get products in front of customers:

  • Encourage impulse purchases

  • Colorful displays attract attention

  • Easily placed in high-traffic areas

  • Increases visibility and branding

  • Your products stand out from the competition

  • You have a captive audience when placed at registers


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