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Medical Marijuana Edibles Packaging.

Higher end packaging implies a higher end product. Cosmetic companies have known and used this trick for years – it’s the packaging that really sells the product. Using printed box packaging for your marijuana edibles and other cannabis infused foods sends the message to consumers that this is a higher quality product than other competing products on the shelf . And marijuana edibles packaged in custom boxes increases the perceived value of your brand – and that translates to increased sales.


Vape Cartridge & Syringe Packaging.

Custom vape cartridge packaging boxes for medical marijuana, cannabis, and hemp concentrates. These small product boxes are ideal for packaging vape cartridges, cbd oil syringes, mists, sprays, tinctures, and other vials and cartridges that hold extracted cannabis oils. Easily customized with special die cuts and custom finishes, these colorful printed cartridge boxes attract attention and increase the perceived value of your concentrates and extracts for very little costs.


Cannabis Tinctures & Topicals Packaging.

Tuck end product boxes work well for cannabis extracts packaged in tincture bottles, cream jars, tins and sublingual sprays. The advantage of printed boxes are easy to see – literally! They can be dressed up with metallic foils, embossing, windows, exotic finishes…all options that engage the senses, invite attention, and add value to your cannabis and medical marijuana products. From cannabis infused topicals and tinctures to CBD balms, salves and ointments, these product boxes will stand out from the 420 competition on dispensary shelves, and increase sales.


Medical Marijuana Pre Rolls.

Custom printed boxes for medical marijuana pre rolls. Colorful and convenient, printed tuck end boxes are a good way to package and merchandise marijuana pre-rolled joints and cannabis cones. In a sea of pre-rolled cannabis products on the shelf, you want your marijuana joint and cone pre rolls to stand out – and that’s what these printed packaging boxes do for you.


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