Creating Unique Die Cut Packaging

When designing your custom box don’t forget that all our folding cartons are custom die cut boxes, and can be modified with special die cuts to differentiate your product and help it stand out. The design template you receive from us contains the basic box configuration that ensures the folding carton box works as intended.

However, one of the ways to make your product packaging more creative and unique is to introduce custom die cuts into your design. Die cuts that create windows or follow design elements not only accentuate your product, but also introduce a fun and playful look to your custom packaging. They also allow you to exhibit product attributes, such as color, designs, and scents in a clever and creative way. And if you are designing retail merchandise packaging, it’s particularly effective in attracting attention.

special die cuts

Boxes with Windows

Another way to make your packaging stand out is to add box windows. Many retail packaging boxes use die cut windows to show product, colors, or to release fragrances. While many manufacturers use a simple die cut hole for a window, several take it to the next level by applying a clear polyester film window to the box. Custom packaging that use film windows (the process to apply these film windows is known as “window patching”) allow products to be seen while at the same time creating a protective barrier between the product and the outside world. Windows add another dimension that causes your product packaging to stand out from the competition. We are one of the few box manufacturers that apply film windows to product packaging in house. Interested? Ask us how we can help.

Interior product packaging

Most product packaging contains a single product, so packaging is quite simple – the box is made just large enough to securely hold the product. However, if there is more than one item to package, secondary packaging with special die cuts, trays or cardboard partitions and box dividers can be made to hold product components in the box. In certain cases, the box interior itself can be partitioned to hold multiple products. And most point of purchase displays require an independent partitioned insert to segment, display, and hold products securely.

If you need special inserts and box partitions to secure your packaging, just ask us about it.

Finally… Attracting attention to your product should be the main focus of your box packaging – consumers need to know you exist. And creative retail packaging that has unique or unusual die cuts in the design draw interest from consumers, which is the first step in selling your product. Now that they know you exist, you need to convince them this is a product they need. That’s where engaging copy steps in. If you want to find out more about how to create product packaging that attracts visit our packaging design tips page needed for your custom package.