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Tuck Boxes

Tuck Boxes

  • Straight/Reverse Tuck End

  • Tuck Top, Snap Lock Bottom

  • Tuck Top, Auto Lock Bottom

  • Bookend Packaging

  • Seal End Packaging

  • Hexagon Packaging


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Of all the folding carton boxes used by industry, tuck style boxes are by far the most popular box used for custom product packaging.  They are highly versatile, quick to assemble, and are easily customized with die cut windows, inside product partitions, and hanging tabs.


Straight Tuck End (STE) / Reverse Tuck End (RTE): This is the classic retail product packaging box.  Both ends of the box close using tuck panels.  Straight/reverse refers to the direction they close.

Tuck top, Auto lock Bottom (TTAB): This folding carton box has a closing tuck panel on top and a glued bottom.  A great packaging box for heavier products.

Tuck Top, Snap lock Bottom (TTSLB): Snap-lock boxes tuck closed on top, and has four panels on the bottom that interlock to close the box. 

Sealed End: Similar to Tuck End boxes, except the closing panels are designed to be glued closed by top/side load carton machines.

Hexagon: A hexagon shaped box for products that are round.  If you’re looking for a custom printed box that is different and attracts attention, consider this box for your packaging.

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