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Digital Printed Packaging

Digital Box Printing

Short run packaging; On the fly print changes; Cost-effective prototypes; Quick turn-around; Quality printing. These are attributes associated with digital printing.

Digital printing is a cost-effective way to get high quality packaging for small volume products, or branding a family of products. Digital printing eliminates many of the printing set up costs that have traditionally made short run packaging prohibitively expensive.

What Are The Advantages of Digital Printed Boxes?
Short Run Box Packaging

Small volume box printing is ideal for manufacturers requiring small volumes and/or different variations of a product. This happens frequently in the soap, cosmetic, and other industries where a product can have different scents, colors, or ingredients. And some products just sell better than others – no need to apply labels to generic boxes for the smaller volumes. Just print what you need – it’s more professional, cost-effective, and makes for more attractive packaging. Digital printed boxes are also a cost-efficient and quick way to create product package prototypes.


Short Run Box Packaging

Customized packaging? Digital lets you swap out your artwork on the fly – known as variable data printing – even allowing customized packaging down to the individual box if needed! Talk about addressing your clients individually! That can’t be done easily with traditional offset printing. This is an affordable way to address a family of similar products.

Inside Print

You want to make your box packaging different? Adding color and/or a message to the inside of your boxes costs very little, completes your packaging, and is one more avenue to reach your audience after the sale. While not unique, inside printing is usually associated with higher-end product packaging; it implies luxury, elegance, and increases the perceived value of your product – yet one more way to set your product apart from the competition.

Cost Effective

What’s the biggest bang for the buck when printing digital packaging? Small custom boxes with low minimum volumes. It’s the niche that is missed in traditional (offset printed) package printing because of high set up costs. Digital is cost-effective on both scores; in addition, inside box printing costs very little extra, and is something not easily done in offset printing. Digital printing is a very attractive low-cost product packaging solution!

Here’s How The Box Co-op Can Help With Your Short Run Digital Printed Packaging!

Packaging is the language of retail – the more attractive your package, the better your product sells.

All of our folding carton boxes can be digitally printed, just ask! Our digital box runs go as low as 500 units, are printed on a thick 0.018” thick paper, and can be split into smaller runs. In addition, you can add spot gloss UV at no additional cost. Spot UV elevates your packaging by allowing you to apply unique patterns and glosses to your boxes that complement and accent design elements. Spot glosses attract attention, adds interest and dimension to your packaging, and increases your products perceived value – all of which sells your products.


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