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Embossing and Foils

Embossing and Foils

A quick way to increase the perceived value of your product is by adding embossing / debossing, or metallic and pigmented foils to your custom product packaging. These design elements add a new dimension, and elegance, to your packaging that can’t be achieved by print alone. This is done through a process known as hot stamping where a metallic die is used to imprint an image on a surface.

Embossing raises a graphic element above the surface of the paper, whereas debossing depresses the image. The result is an image that can be seen and felt. When combined with printing that plays off an embossed image or logo, the composite graphic can be quite stunning.ularly effective in attracting attention.


Golds, Silvers, Holographics(?), Oh My!

Metallic foils such as golds and silvers are one element that just can’t be duplicated with print. When a custom box is foiled, a very thin metallic film is stamped onto the box in the shape of the desired image during the hot stamp process. The resulting foiled image accents, highlights, and reflects light as only a metal can, thus drawing attention to your custom packaging, which is ultimately what you’re striving to do. You want unique packaging? Try adding a holographic foil to your custom packaging – this finish always attracts attention.

Foiling and embossing are two processes that really do complement each other. Custom printed boxes containing these elements comprise maybe 5% of all custom packaging, and are usually seen in high end luxury brand merchandise packaging. So, if you are looking for new product packaging ideas to set your custom packaging apart from the crowd, consider adding these options to your printed boxes – you’ll be in good company.

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