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Assays, Extractions, Detections, Collections

We don’t make your products, but we do make the kit boxes they go in.

Custom Printed Kit Box Packaging For:

  • Extraction Kits

  • Assay Kits

  • Library Prep Kits

  • Conjugation Kits

  • Reagent Kits

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Our kit boxes are a convenient and cost-effective way to get your diagnostic assays, preps, and sequencing kits to your clients

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Kit Box Inserts & Partitions 

Single and double-tiered paper and foam inserts to securely hold kit components.

Kit boxes are easily customized with inserts and compartments to contain cassettes, reagents, buffers, microplates and other components.

If you’re looking for low-volume kit boxes for your ELISAs, PCRs, RNA-Seq, and other kits, talk to us. We make a lot of them!

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Why Choose The Box Co-op?

We work with you to create colorful kits that stand out and are easy to use.  Most of our kits are configured with cutaway front/side panels giving easy access to kit components.  We also work closely with you to create a carefully thought-out interior design using paper partitions and foam inserts to hold kit components securely.  It’s a collaborative effort and sending prototypes to your team until they’re satisfied is part of the ticket.

We don’t claim to be a “leader” in our field, or that we “raise the bar”, or some other meaningless adjective; we just make solid box packaging for clients.  In the end, it’s all about making your customer’s time more productive.  Whether it’s custom kit boxes for your ELISAS, PCRs, or Flow Cytometry assays, we want to help you get there.

Let's work together!

Diagnostic Point-of-Care Box Packaging

Point of care box packaging for test strip and lateral flow style rapid diagnostic assays. Printed on the same heavy paper we use for our assay kits, these colorful boxes are equally at home in clinical, research and consumer settings.

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Product Boxes For:

  • Medical Devices

  • Allografts

  • Veterinary Products

Custom kit boxes for Lateral Flow Assays and other RDT diagnostics.


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Litho-Laminated Product & Kit Boxes

Sometimes you just need a strong box for your IVD products and sample kits!

  • High-quality printing

  • Strength of a corrugated box

  • Rugged - can take a lot of abuse

  • Easily add compartments and partitions

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