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Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing

What is the fastest way to bulk up your product offerings and build a business? Private labeling. What service takes care of manufacturing while you establish branding and marketing for your company? Private labeling. How can you quickly take advantage of market trends? Private labeling. As it turns out, private label packaging and contract manufacturing are some of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in retail.

Private label manufacturers have an inventory of proprietary formulas and products already developed and tested that they will license and package under your brand name. From cosmetics and personal care to food and nutraceuticals, and everything in between, private labelers have the product you’re looking for. Products that are natural extensions of your current product are ideal private label candidates. You might be surprised at how many products on the market are actually private labeled.


Contract Manufacturers

Contract manufacturers by contrast will develop your formula to specification, then package your products for you. In many cases, the private labeler and contract manufacturer are one and the same.

So, from an entrepreneur’s standpoint, what are the advantages of private label products?

  • Proven, ready-to-go, custom made products

  • Quickly expands your product line

  • Lets you test the waters with a new product without a major commitment/investment

  • A quick and easy way to launch a product to take advantage of market trends

  • Less research/development time needed

  • Reduced staffing

  • Easier to build a family of complementary products. A more expanded and coherent product line is much more attractive to retail clients than a one product company

  • Lets you focus on building up the business

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How Can We Help?

The Box Co-op has working relationships with private labelers and contract manufacturers in a wide range of industries: cosmetics, personal care, food and beverage, soap, candle, nutraceuticals, medical, and household. If you have established a relationship, ask your private labeler if they are working with us. If they are we may be able to offer discounted pricing on custom made boxes. If you are looking for a private labeler, give us a call. We may be able to recommend one. Private labeling is not for everybody, but for many it is an effective way for an entrepreneur to take their idea and bring the dream to reality.

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