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Retail Product Packaging..... From cosmetic products to bath and body, soaps, nutraceuticals and everything in between, find the retail box packaging styles that define your industry.

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Here you'll find the classic folding carton box styles that define custom box printing.

Don't know where to start, or just looking for creative or unique product packaging ideas?

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Custom box finishes supercharge your retail packaging by adding dimension, elegance, and flash!

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Marketing & Branding

Selling your product - it takes more than just a pretty retail box.....

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Box Design Tips

How do I create retail product packaging that engages consumers?    We can help with that!

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Packaging University

Barcodes?   PMS colors?   Private labeling?   Find out everything you wanted to know about custom printed boxes ...and more!

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We manufacture custom printed folding cartons. Whether it’s printed product packaging for retail or die cut chipboard boxes for industry, the packaging you choose is critical to the success of your product. The Box Co-op is a different type of box manufacturer…..we specialize in custom made boxes and finishes that add polish and pop to your printed packaging.

So if you’re looking for a custom packaging solution that engages consumers, let us help you get there!

Custom Retail Box Packaging

Attention-grabbing product packaging is key to successful retail sales. However, you’re not only competing with similar products on the retail shelf, you’re competing just to get in the door! Retailers are looking for merchandise that sells and, more importantly, enhances their profits. How effectively your retail product packaging attracts and engages with your audience (including the retailer!) is what can make or break your sales.

Our specialty is short run custom retail box packaging. We have been at it a long time and can help you create retail packaging that gets your products noticed. Whether it’s printed packaging for skin creams and lotions, medical devices and accessories, food and beverages, or even marijuana and cannabis products, our team works with you to send the right message that will resonate with your customers.

Unique Packaging for Your Brand

Creating high-quality packaging that distinguishes your brand from the competition is not difficult and need not be expensive. While there are many box manufacturers that can create a quality printed box, we’re specialists – we focus on custom finishes that make your packaging one-of-a-kind. It’s the custom finishes that place your product high above the competition and reinforce your brand.

Custom finishes that complement and enhance your product packaging is what sets you apart from other products on the shelf - this makes it easier to reach out and connect with your target audience. What’s more, adding these custom box finishes is extremely cost efficient, especially considering the return on investment. After all, custom box packaging is all about increasing the perceived value of your product, which results in increased sales.

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No Cookie-Cutter Solutions

Your product is unique – shouldn’t your packaging be as well? The retail market is a competitive arena and you need your retail packaging to stand out. That’s where we are on top of our game. We work with you to create the custom box finishes that will catch the eye of potential customers and entice them to have a closer look. Metallic foils, embossing, specialty UV coatings, spot coatings – all of these finishes are designed to attract and dazzle. Once consumers pick your product up, the packaging has done its job. The rest is up to you.

We Support the Entrepreneurial Spirit

We started out as a small box manufacturer operating out of the garage where the majority of our customers were small start-ups and businesses trying to live their dream. It’s been twenty years, and while we cater to both large and small businesses today, we haven’t forgotten the companies and individuals that helped us thrive early on. We make our custom product packaging affordable and help our customers market their products on a budget.

And if you’re a not-for-profit or charitable organization looking for custom printed packaging, talk to us about discounts – we are always happy to contribute to such causes.

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