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  • John Green

How Does Premium Product Packaging Help Increase Sales?

Updated: May 20

It’s a competitive market out there. For any business that wants to sell their products either online or in a store, you must find ways to grab attention and differentiate. If your product is not a recognized brand, how do consumers decide between your product and other similar products in your category? Think about it. If consumers don't know your product, their buying decision generally boils down to price.

And that’s not a good situation to be in.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but very often, making a product appear to be a premium, higher-cost brand can have a big impact on increasing sales, especially when the message is underscored with product packaging that implies a premium product. This differentiates your product from the competition and gives consumers a reason to select your brand.

Changing consumer’s perception of your products is one of the quickest and easiest ways to grow your brand, boost sales, and increase profits.

Do You View Your Brand as Premium?

If you don’t already view your products and brand as premium, you should be. Ideally, your approach should be to market and price all your products as such. Premium branding is a form of currency that puts your products in the right category.

As you position yourself above your current position, you’re now pitching to a more affluent clientele. And those people are not afraid to spend for a higher quality product. (Think of Lexus versus Toyota). Of course, when aiming for this new demographic, you’ll need to explain what makes your product superior and worth considering.

While better messaging on your product packaging pointing out superior benefits certainly helps, underscoring it with packaging that implies the qualities and attributes you’re sending to your target audience can be a powerful combination in driving sales.

Using a multi-faceted strategy that works simultaneously on packaging and product positioning works best. Each on their own will improve your sales, but combined they can have a multiplying effect.

This two-pronged approach adds value to your product without really changing the product, instead you are influencing consumer perceptions of your product. And in the process, you are building a stronger brand.

You’ll also be expanding your brand in the process which is critical to long-term success. It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t have to cost much, but it does require rethinking how you market your products.

Custom Product Packaging Influences Buying Decisions

Using a multi-faceted custom packaging strategy works on product positioning and making what you sell stand out.

When you stand out from the competition, it's easier to expand your brand. If your goal is to grow from a small business into a recognizable brand, then custom packaging and high-quality package design are critical.

The good news is that custom product packaging is not difficult, and it doesn't have to cost much to produce.

All it takes is some rethinking about how you market your products.

5 Ways Custom Product Packaging Boosts Brand Awareness

If you choose to sell your product in a plain cardboard box, you are limiting the excitement and interest of your potential customers. But when you invest in unique packaging in a branded box, it can start to change consumer perception.

Here are five simple ways that your custom product packaging makes you stand out and grow your brand's value.

Attracts Attention

Product packaging that attracts is a powerful sales tool and differentiates you from the competition. Think of the experience of a customer who sees your custom box next to standard packaging. There is more interest and curiosity when the customized packaging tells a story about the product.

Creates a Premium Brand Perception

Any business or brand that wants to charge a premium price and stop competing on price needs a way to differentiate. Branded boxes allow you to move past competing on price and elevate your product and brand awareness.

Creates Strong Branding

Creating premium products that resonate with consumers' values and interests will help sell your product and build brand awareness. As customers become more aware of your brand, they actively seek your product out. One of the ways they know you are unique is the customized packaging.

Increases Perceived Value

Custom product packaging can subtly imply additional qualities about your product. All luxury goods have custom packaging design that denotes; high-quality, elegance, affluence, exclusivity, etc. Customers will unconsciously attach these qualities to your product, but you can help your case with a high-quality packaging box.

Results in Higher Sales and Increased Profit

Influencing consumers through packaging can change their perceptions of your product. This results in higher brand recognition, more sales, and increased profits.

These are a few of the highlights of better packaging and product positioning. So, keep reading to find out how to start increasing your sales.

Upscaling Your Product Packaging

Consumers for years have been conditioned to equate premium products with higher price points, and this is something you can take advantage of, especially if your packaging underscores the message you’re trying to send.

Rolex, Gucci, and Apple all sell their products at a premium in very different ways. And it's all made possible by their brand positioning and packaging.

You don't necessarily need to be the highest-quality product in your class, but if you aim to pitch your products to a more affluent clientele, then you have to give them reasons to believe it is a premium offering.

Rebranded product packaging can convince your prospective customers to spend more for a higher-quality product.

Better messaging on your product packaging pointing out superior benefits certainly helps, and underscoring it with a custom branded packaging design that implies the qualities and attributes you're sending to your target audience are worth the money.

Positioning your brand as a premium option adds value to your product without really changing the product. Instead, you are influencing consumer perceptions of your product. The more people perceive your products as premium, the better they will value your overall brand, and the more they want to buy from you.

Let Your Product Packaging Sell For You

If you're looking for an inexpensive, effective way to increase sales and build brand awareness, try repositioning your product as more of a premium brand.

You can use the process known as value-added product packaging, and it’s an excellent strategy to

Improving and upgrading your product packaging will help to influence consumers to see your brand as worth the higher prices you charge.

Custom product packaging implicitly does the leg work for you by appealing to the interests and values of your ideal customer.

Remember that it is a good idea to test out different custom packaging boxes to see which matches the values of your target market.

If you need help creating a more premium brand for your products, or choosing which custom product packaging works best for your brand, Box Co-op can help. We'll assist your business in finding a premium branded packaging strategy, product package design, and premium packaging solution that works for your brand and helps you to stand out from your competitors.

Partner with us to create custom product packaging unique to your business, and see the results for yourself.

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