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Everything begins here….. These are the classic folding carton box styles that have stood the test of time and define custom box packaging. From reverse tuck cartons and tuck top boxes to point of purchase displays, packaging sleeves, mailers and everything in between, you’ll find it here.

It’s no wonder – with all the design options and finishes available for a custom product box – that printed folding carton boxes are the go-to product packaging for retail and industry.

Straight/Reverse Tuck end.

Tuck end boxes are the classic retail packaging box. They are versatile, quick to assemble, and display very well. The boxes can be designed in a straight or reverse tuck carton style, are easily customized with die cut windows, inside product partitions and inserts, hanging tabs and child resistant locks.

And eye catching UV finishes that complement and enhance your printed packaging can be added for pennies. From high end retail packaging to simple printed boxes for industry, custom printed tuck boxes are the go-to general purpose product packaging box.


Snap lock bottom.

Also known as a crash lock box or crash lock bottom, this is a variation of the tuck top style product boxes. Crash lock refers to how the bottom of the box is assembled – the panels are folded together and interlock (or “crash”) to create the bottom of the box.

As with all tuck top boxes they are easily customized with hang tabs for easy display making them ideal retail product boxes, or when customized as kit boxes with inserts to hold vials, etc.

Auto Lock Bottom.

A tuck top auto lock bottom box, also known as an auto bottom carton, is a heavy duty folding carton box with an automatic locking bottom. Just squeeze and box pops into shape with bottom already locked closed.

As with all tuck top style boxes, the auto bottom box makes a great retail product box –they are easily customized to attract attention, and hang tabs can be added so products can be placed on a hook or clip strip for display anywhere.

Bookend Packaging.

An elegant box with a front cover that “tells a story.” A variation of the tuck end box, this box has a double thick, glued cover that opens like a book, and has a substantial look and feel. With front and inside covers fully printed, it’s a great custom packaging solution for products needing more of a shelf presence.

Seal End Packaging.

Designed to be filled and glued by side and top loading cartoning machines, most box styles can be configured as a seal end box. Critical carton folds are pre-broken for easy machine fulfillment.

Tamper-proof fold over glued enclosure panels keep product packaging securely sealed. Boxes can also be hand glued. Add pull tabs and die cut perforations for easy opening.

Hexagon Packaging.

A truly unique and elegant box, the hexagon shape is ideal for products that are round. If you’re looking for a custom printed box that stands out from the crowd, look at using custom hexagon boxes for your packaging.

The aesthetics, simple beauty and uniqueness of this custom folding carton box will definitely attract attention.

Roll End Tuck Top Packaging.

Custom printed roll end tuck top boxes open from the top like a treasure chest. Tuck top boxes are ideal when used as kit boxes, or when you want product contents easily seen and readily accessible.

These folding carton product boxes work well on their own, or they can be customized with special die cut box inserts that create compartments to keep product components separated.

Roll End Tuck Front Packaging.

The roll end tuck front box opens like a treasure chest. Similar to a roll end tuck top box, however this box tucks close in front of the box instead of on top.

Tuck top boxes are ideal when used as kit boxes, or when you want product contents easily seen and readily accessible. They make a great retail product box, and when used as a kit box custom die cut box inserts can be added to keep product components separated.

Five Panel Hanger Packaging.

Five panel hangers are a great retail product box for small, light products. These custom printed boxes allow plenty of advertising space, and are ideal when used as point of purchase packaging for impulse buy items.

Products can be displayed anywhere when attached to clip strips or placed on hooks, and many times goes right up by the cash register.

Sleeves Packaging.

Custom printed sleeve packaging is a simple, economical way to package products. Used as a packaging sleeve on a corrugated box, or as a custom cardboard wrap around a product, printed packaging sleeves give an unobstructed view of the product. And packaging sleeves with special die cut

windows and slots can be customized to fit around product anomalies for a secure fit. Printed sleeves can also be used as a custom slipcase over a roll end tray creating a matchbox style of folding carton box. This custom sleeve – tray combination box makes for a very secure, and easily accessible, product box.

Header Cards & Bag Toppers Packaging.

Custom printed packaging doesn’t get any simpler than this! Custom header cards and bag toppers are printed on a heavy (credit card thick) paperboard stock – the same paper used on our printed boxes. Staple to the top of product polybag and hang anywhere. Header cards and poly bag toppers are.

scored for easy folding with a “sombrero” hang hole. Customized with your artwork, our printed header cards are rugged, economical, and special UV finishes and die cuts can be added for pennies. These aren’t the lightweight header cards being sold on the web, these cards and toppers are the real deal!

Envelope Mailer Packaging.

Custom printed mailer boxes – rigid & capacity style zip-strip mailers. Printed on a thick paperboard, our custom printed mailers use a two-sided taped enclosure for easy sealing, and quick pull perforated tab for easy opening. Similar to a Fed-Ex overnight envelope, these printed mailers are ideal for photos, documents, dvds and other applications requiring a custom made, rigid mailing envelope.

Point of Purchase (Roll End Tuck) Packaging.

A great advertising or gift box. The custom printed gable box attracts attention, has plenty of space inside, and leaves lots of room for graphics. One of the more popular styles is the printed milk gable folding carton.

The milk gable is often used as packaging for food products – see the printed boxes with a fold over reclosable top. Both folding carton styles can be configured with either an auto lock or crash lock bottom.

Point of Purchase (Snap Lock Bottom) Packaging.

Point of purchase boxes (POP) or point of sale boxes. A variation of the snap lock bottom box, this custom product box is designed to encourage impulse purchases, and its small footprint allows it to be placed anywhere. The retailer simply opens the box and folds the lid back for instant advertising.

This retail ready packaging box can be perforated to allow tear-away panels for better product visibility, and special U-shaped die cuts can be added to the front of the box for easy access.

Gravity Feed Dispenser Packaging.

Gravity feed boxes are a compact and cost-effective point of purchase box. Simply load your product into the top of the box and let gravity do the work! These compact, custom printed counter display boxes are ideal for lip balms, creams, and other small impulse-buy items.

Retailers like gravity feed boxes because their small footprint allows products to be placed at the register in front of a captive audience.

Litho Laminated Box Packaging.

Litho-laminated box packaging provides the strength of a corrugated box with the razor-sharp printing typical of folding carton boxes. Used for any application that requires a rugged, rock-solid box. Boxes can be configured with inside packaging to create compartments and partitions to hold product components securely.

These litho boxes come in the same folding carton styles as our regular printed cartons, only with a bit more of an attitude!

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